Capital Build Construction Management Corp., a Vaughan, Ontario-based construction management company, was deemed to have made an assignment in bankruptcy on October 4th, 2022, after it failed to file cash flow statements required by the act when filing a Notice of Intention (“NOI”) to make a Proposal.

The debtor was involved in construction management for a developer on multiple projects and had substantial receivables for the work done or being done on the projects. The debtor’s client (developer) could not meet its financial obligations to its creditors and the client’s projects were put in receivership adversely affecting the cash flow for the debtor.

Goldhar and Associates Ltd. is the Trustee of the Estate of this bankrupt.

All inquiries regarding the administration of this Estate may be directed to our corporate team at 905-272-0006 or via email at

Statutory Documents

  1. Notice of Bankruptcy and First Meeting of Creditors, including Creditor’s Package
  2. Minutes of First Meeting of Creditors
  3. Trustee’s Preliminary Report